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Strengthen Your Brand On Send-A-Card Day

By February 7, 2013No Comments

Today is National Send-A-Card Day and I think it’s a great way to continue building relationships and strengthen your brand!

send-a-card-dayYou can send cards to customers, potential clients, colleagues,  vendors, even your employees. Sending a card is an excellent marketing tool and great way to be remembered and stand out. It’s all part of building, growing and strengthening relationships because again, we typically do business with people we know and trust.

I like sending out cards personally, however you could use a service like Send Out Cards to do the work for you. eCards are another option but  receiving a physical card through the mail is much more memorable.

When sending out cards, remember:

  • No selling — this is not the time to push a new product or service
  • Do include a short personal message
  • Use the person’s first name
  • Hand write the addresses — solicit the help of others if you need to; you don’t want the card to appear to be part of a bulk mail out

Send cards:

  • To colleagues on a recent accomplishment
  • To clients on winning a new account or product roll out
  • To thank a client for their continued business
  • To thank an employee on a job well done
  • To thank a colleague for their assistance
  • To people who refer you business

Sending out cards is another way to make you and your business standout and differentiate you in the marketplace.

*Remember to include a mailing address on your social media profile or Website so people can send you a physical card!

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