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Connecting with your tribe; your target audience

By January 30, 2013No Comments


Happy People

My friend Deanna has been a blogger for many years and is faithful to blog daily. She has never missed a day of blogging and I applaud her for this. I can’t say the same!

Even though she had nice stats and received the occasional comment, she was completely amazed by  the success of her new blog.

Her new blog centers around adoption and what it means to be an adopted child even when that child is an adult in her 40s.

She’s getting more comments, and more subscribers and readers on her new blog. More than her previous blog after years of daily blogging.

“So you found your tribe?” was my question to her. She emphatically agreed and said that she’s never experienced anything like it.

Something happens when you find your tribe. Tasks that were arduous and processes that were cumbersome somehow become a non-issue when you’re connected to your tribe. You get the feedback you’re looking for and you experience a groundswell of support.  When you finally connect, and you have a group of people who are in support of you or your product or service,  there’s nothing else quite like it.

This connection makes your life and marketing much easier.

So how do you find your tribe? How do you connect with our target audience?

Small business owners I’ve talked to say it’s not easy.

They came to the realization that they couldn’t sell to everybody which shocked many. I tell clients, “you don’t want everybody as a customer.” I promise you don’t.

So how do you find your target audience?

  • Demographic study – data that tells you the  age, sex, marital status, income and level of education of your target audience;
  • Psychographics – data that details interests, hobbies, activities; the lifestyle patterns of your audience; and
  • Product benefits – your product offers unique benefits that appeal to a segment of the market

Deanna found her target audience through her product benefits. She addressed a specific issue and brought together a community of adult adoptees. They support one another and she now has a greater following than her original blog.

There’s something to be said about following your passion and creating something that matters to you.

Once you find your tribe or target audience there’s still the business of constructing a message that resonates.

My advice on finding your tribe or target audience is pretty simple.

  1. Follow your passion. My blogger friend had to make peace with exposing this side of her and in doing so found her audience.
  2. Keep moving forward. Because she had an existing blog, she had a base with whom she could share this new blog with. A few of those members then became the ones to promote her new blog.
  3. Do your due diligence. Find out as much as you can (ethically mind you and without breaking the law) about your target audience so you know how to serve them.

When you and your tribe/target audience connect, it will completely change the game.

Here’s to connecting in 2013.