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Shoestring Budget Finds Innovative Financing

There are a number of articles and blog posts on how those with entrepreneurial aspirations can start their businesses on a shoestring budget. My question has always been, well whose shoestring are we talking about? A toddler’s shoestring is very different from that of, oh let’s say Shaquille O’Neal’s shoestring. Huge difference! I’ve worked with […]

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Do You Need A Business Plan? One Expert Says “Ditch the Plan!”

Do you need a business plan? Most business owners assume this is an automatic yes. Earlier this year, the Women CEO Project hosted a virtual summit and one of the speakers said something that totally shocked me. She said entrepreneurs should ditch the idea of a  business plan. I think there was a virtual  simultaneous […]

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Business Expansion Podcast Series Starts Dec. 13

Setting Business Goals for 2014?  Upcoming Podcast Series Shares How Entrepreneurs Can Expand Their Businesses Houston, TX – November 28, 2013 —New Year’s Resolutions aren’t just for those looking to quit smoking or shed a few pounds. Business owners also take this time to plan and set goals for the coming year. “Entrepreneurs with aspirations […]

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