Just say no

Just say no is a familiar anti-drug campaign from my high-school days. Some argue the effectiveness of the campaign but the tag line can be applied to many facets of our lives. I’ve learned to use it in business and found it to be quite effective. Kim Coles said at the recent Women Empowerment Conference […]

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So much more than a logo

Positioning and Branding Positioning is a marketer’s attempt to create a favorable opinion of a product or brand in the mind of the consumer. Positioning supplies information, data, images to influence the consumer’s perception of the product or brand. “Branding,” according to Marian Wood “is the use of words, designs and symbols to give a […]

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Since it’s not going anywhere

It’s official. Social media isn’t going anywhere and businesses are learning how to navigate its waters and introduce their brand. Internet branding is an effective strategy business owners can employ to establish and solidify their position in the marketplace. Major brands use these strategies and expansion of their brand has been great.  Utilizing the Internet […]

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