So much more than a logo

Positioning and Branding Positioning is a marketer’s attempt to create a favorable opinion of a product or brand in the mind of the consumer. Positioning supplies information, data, images to influence the consumer’s perception of the product or brand. “Branding,” according to Marian Wood “is the use of words, designs and symbols to give a […]

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The beauty of coworking

During the 1990s, telecommuting was a growing concept but didn’t really infiltrate the business community as many of us had hoped. Even today if you peruse the classified section on Craigslist, employers looking for freelancers insist that the work be completed on site. Telecommuters need not apply and that’s perfectly within their right to make […]

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Handling a PR crisis

Sunday night Zappos sent out an email to employees and customers alerting them that hackers broke into their system. Twenty-four million customers were affected and even though hackers walked away with customer user name and passwords, they didn’t get complete credit card information; only the last four digits. If you’re selling product online, security is […]

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