ShopTalk Ep 02: Small Business Advertising Strategies

Subscribe in RSS | iTunes Big business did something really cool for small businesses recently and I was thoroughly impressed. It seems Intuit is running a contest for small businesses. The prize you ask? A 30-second commercial during one of the most watched television events each year–the Super Bowl. [pullquote align=”left”] Margie Clayman Connect with […]

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Delivering under pressure

A LinkedIn strategy I learned worked and landed me a meeting with a potentially big client. I was prepared for my meeting the night before; all that was left was to stop by the big office supply store and pick up my presentation. I leave early enough because stuff happens and I refused to be […]

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Your blog’s reach

I created a poll on Facebook that asked if fans of my page had a favorite blog that they read daily. Of the 55 respondents, 74.5 percent of them said no, they did not have a favorite blog that they read daily. Roughly 25 percent said they did. Now there are many more follow up […]

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