Is clutter impacting your clarity?

This is a guest post by Genyne Vinson of Time2Spare. Genyne is an organizational aficionado, future blogger and “to-do” list killer. With Spring Cleaning and tax season upon us, she shares tips on decluttering your home and office. Mental clarity can be greatly affected by our physical clutter.  Have you ever gone on a cleaning […]

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Handling a PR crisis

Sunday night Zappos sent out an email to employees and customers alerting them that hackers broke into their system. Twenty-four million customers were affected and even though hackers walked away with customer user name and passwords, they didn’t get complete credit card information; only the last four digits. If you’re selling product online, security is […]

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Power of the message

Today is the day we take time to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A
man who made incredible inroads for all people during a turbulent time
in our country’s history. We remember him because of his sacrifice; we remember him because of his message. Even 40 years after his death, the message retains its power. His “I […]

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Sound Bite Fallout

The political season is in full swing and sound bites from candidates are making news. Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and now Mitt Romney with his firing people statement have all been in the hot seat for things they’ve said. These candidates and their campaign managers will tell you that the sound bite was taken out of context […]

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PR, a Tampa church, and a dog named Tank

Celebration Church does not have an agency representing them, nor do they a have publicist on staff. What they had was a lost Jack Russell Terrier show up for a Sunday morning service. Deanna Shrodes, co-pastor and dear friend, said they were singing “Our God Saves” and “My Savior Lives” when they saw him running […]

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Walmart’s Black Friday Madness

Social corporate responsibility basically says corporations choose to do the right thing sometimes at the expense of making a profit. We saw some corporations being socially responsible during South Africa’s apartheid era and Ben & Jerry’s along with Starbucks are some familiar names of today’s socially responsible companies.Walmart fails to make this list. This time […]

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Newly Added to my Tool Bag

Hi everyone, A friend of mine asked if there was an alternative to Facebook’s Networkedblogs. At the time, I didn’t know of one but learned of such a site at a recent seminar. is a great tool that allows you to take snippets of online copy or even original content and publish across many […]

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Marketing Money for NPOs

Good news for Houston-area nonprofit organizations! The Houston chapter of the American Marketing Association is giving back! The AMA is accepting applications from now until January 31. 2012 for grants up to $2,500. Winners announced by March 2012 and checks awarded at special luncheon. Grants can be used for your organization’s marketing initiatives: Research Advertising […]

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