ShopTalk Ep 13: BES-Working With a Bookkeeper

Subscribe in RSS | iTunes When it comes to conversations about bookkeeping and accounting, the public usually hears about companies who cook the books or the artist who’s in trouble because their tax preparer failed to prepare them. It can all be pretty intimidating for any small business owner. [pullquote align=”left”] Connect with Byron! Twitter  […]

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hiring your first employee

ShopTalk Ep 12: Hiring Your First Employee

Subscribe in RSS | iTunes Congratulations! You’re making plans to expand your business and adding staff is part of that expansion. But what about hiring your first employee? Can’t you just 1099 them? Arquella Hargrove Connect with Arquella! Twitter  / LinkedIn This week we talk to HR consultant, Arquella Hargrove and she shares what pitfalls […]

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ShopTalk Ep 11: BES-Creative Staffing Solutions

Subscribe in RSS | iTunes Entrepreneurs and small business owners, the Business Expansion Series (BES) continues! We know that you’re planning for world domination in 2014 and have assembled experts to help you get from Step A to Step B. [pullquote align=”left”] Nikki Parker Connect with Nikki! Twitter  /[/pullquote] In this episode, we interview […]

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ShopTalk Ep 10: BES-Commercial Leasing

Subscribe in RSS | iTunes Entrepreneurs and small business owners, over the next two months, ShopTalk is featuring a special series called Business Expansion Series (BES)! We know you’re planning for 2014 and wanted to give you information that will help you with your expansion efforts. Michica Guillory Connect with Michica! Facebook  Our guest for […]

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ShopTalk Ep 09: Better Conversations Through Content Marketing

Subscribe in RSS | iTunes November is Have Better Conversations Month and what better way to have great conversations with your target audience than through content marketing done right! If you’ve been on social media any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly  seen the phrase content marketing. [pullquote align=”left”] Rachel Parker Connect with Rachel! Twitter  [/pullquote] […]

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