Spark a Revival and Repurpose Content

When I first started using social media, Twitter in particular, I remember it being taboo to tweet out the same message more than once. Can’t remember where I heard such, but I’ve seen tweets to the contrary of late. If you’re writing your own content or even paying someone to write it, you want it […]

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ShopTalk Ep 02: Small Business Advertising Strategies

Subscribe in RSS | iTunes Big business did something really cool for small businesses recently and I was thoroughly impressed. It seems Intuit is running a contest for small businesses. The prize you ask? A 30-second commercial during one of the most watched television events each year–the Super Bowl. [pullquote align=”left”] Margie Clayman Connect with […]

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Be Free of Email List Envy in 2013

I wanted to call them a liar but I knew it was the truth. Someone I respect said that one of their clients didn’t use social media. Unimaginable? Unbelievable? Is that even possible in this day and age? Apparently their email list was so good and brought in enough revenue that they didn’t need social […]

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Lessons from Santa on managing your email list

There’s Hollywood’s “A” List, Senator McCarthy’s controversial list and if you’re a fan of A Different World, you know you were in deep trouble if Dean Davenport said you were on her list. No one ever wants to be found on the dreaded black list and Santa manages the infamous naughty or nice list all […]

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The power of a refrigerator magnet

If you’ve ever been to Houston you know it’s one big city with lots of smaller surrounding cities. Driving from far outlaying northern areas like The Woodlands to southern cities like Kemah and Galveston can easily take an hour. So moving from one side of town to another can seem like moving cross country. Our […]

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